Update On Emetophobia

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Some phobias are so specific and common that they have special names: Arachnophobia and claustrophobia come to mind. Any phobia can have a powerful and far-reaching impact in limiting a person’s life. In particular emetophobia can be crippling. I think about a woman in her early 20’s who had taken an extra year to graduate […]

The Difference Between Desensitization and ERP

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After our last blog, we received a question that is worth pursuing a little further. Here is the question: “I’m wondering if you can help me understand the difference between desensitization and exposure and response prevention (ERP). They feel very similar to me.  Is the difference really in the depths you are going? Does desensitization […]

Climbing Over Obstacles in Exposure Therapy

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Have you ever struggled to help a client through an exposure while doing exposure therapy? Treating anxiety and OCD means that you will be doing a lot of exposures with your clients. Some of them will be planned, others spontaneous. Usually exposures are short in duration, lasting as long as it takes for a client’s […]